5 ex-Hoppers to bring back in #FM16

Today's blog outlines my top 5 staff targets who can count Grasshopper Club Zürich (GCZ) as one of their ex-clubs.  As you may be aware, my FM16 challenge sees me do my utmost at developing youth and making the club sustainable. It will be a style similar to Ajax, where 1-2 young players are expected to be breaking into the first team every couple of years. Therefore I need ex-pros who have been at the club and can contribute to the evolution of GCZ. Disclaimer: one or more of these players are not considered 'Club Legends' and they may also be unattainable in FM16 for a number of reasons. There is a possibility I sign none of these ex-players. Anyway, here we go:

5 - Alain Sutter

At 5 we have a Club Legend.  Alain Sutter played 8 years in the GCZ 1st team and became one of the most well known Swiss players in Europe during the 1990s. Unfortunately Sutter's in game stats in FM15 reflect a very average coach:

4 - Stéphane Chapuisat

At 4 we have another player who contributed to many good memories for GCZ fans. After winning the Champions League and Bundesliga with Dortmund, Stéphane Chapuisat signed for GCZ. He won the 2000-01 title and maintained a goals to games ratio (in league) of 1.5 during his 3 year spell. After this he made the rather awkward move to Young Boys (where he now acts as their Chief Scout). Maybe not a popular choice in game, he does have respectable scouting stats. Signing him would also weaken Young Boys at the same time!

3 - Hakan Yakin

Anybody who has read my 'Return Of The Enganche' blog knows that I am in admiration for the playmakers. Hakin Yakin is one such example. Elegant on the ball, with an eye for a pass and goal, Hakan developed into one of the best Swiss playmakers whilst at GCZ. His obvious love is his hometown club, FC Basel, but I still think he could be persuaded to join my GCZ revolution. Again his stats are average in FM15:

2 - Richard Núñez

Winner of GCZ's last title in 2002-03, Richard Núñez's playmaking and finishing ability was of the highest calibre. He contributed to a massive 81 league goals in 113 league games and was highly sought after in Europe. Atlético de Madrid made their move in 2004, but the move was a failure (11 apps and 2 goals in La Liga). In 2005,  Richard Núñez moved to Mexico where he spent 3 successful years. Now into his 40th year, Richard Núñez is still playing in his native Uruguay. For this reason he does not make the top spot, but you can guarantee I will be keeping a close eye in FM16 if he decides to retire and subsequently stay in the game...

1 - Blaise Nkufo

You may forgive GCZ fans for forgetting about Blaise Nkufo as he is in no way a legend. He played a total of 18 league games scoring 4 times. But he did go on to play in the FIFA 2010 World Cup for Switzerland and propel himself to legendary status at FC Twente (where Blaise Nkufo scored 114 league goals in 223 games becoming their all-time leading goalscorer).

So why try to sign Blaise Nkufo for GCZ? Well, his experiences across 4 continents will help boost GCZ's global scouting pool: (below). 

Blaise Nkufo was born in Africa, played in Asia, Europe & North America - the definition of a journeyman.

I hope you enjoyed the more jovial nature of this week's blog post. There is a strong possibility that next week may see the release of FM16's Beta. This will signal the onslaught of a lot of scouting and player reviews from me. So for now...make the most of the 'other' parts of your life, speak to your partners, watch films...because FM16 is coming!