Day 1 transfer targets for GCZ in #FM16

Last week I analysed the Grasshopper Club Zürich (GCZ) squad in FM16. I identified two key areas where GCZ need more depth: a left back and a defensive central midfielder. Today's blog sets out likely targets to address this lack of depth...

Left back

GCZ has two recognised left-backs: Nemanja Antonov & Moritz Bauer. The former is a younger player who is more of an attacking left back and the later is traditionally a right back. At GCZ, we therefore need an experienced head...

Taye Taiwo - an FM legend

Taye Taiwo is a 30 year old left back who has amassed an impressive half century of International caps for Nigeria. He has been an impressive left-back in past editions of FM - so there is a certain sentimental value for FMers. I think he can be bought for around £10-20k and his wages will clearly be within budget.

However, there is another African talent on a Free Transfer...David Addy:

David Addy - a raw exciting talent

Addy has good attacking attributes akin to Nemanja Antonov. Now this could be seen as an advantage to some, but I dislike having similar players in the fullback roles. Why you ask? Well the simple truth is that I use my fullbacks in relation to the opposition I play, something I may explain further in a specialised blog. The crux of the matter is that the fullback is such a vital role now in football for exploiting space (or limiting it to opponents). I therefore need a more defensive fullback than what Antonov offers. This is where the FM Comparison tool comes in handy...especially the use of 'highlight key attributes for role' function.

Here is how Taye and David compare using the comparison tool:

Wingback (Defend) is selected here, a role I intend to use again teams with wide wingers

You can see here that Taye ever so slightly shades the defensive side of the game and is probably my 1st choice (for now). As it is only after scouting that my mind will be totally made up.

Defensive Central midfield

A few months ago I spoke about how Kim Källström would need support for his Deep Lying Playmaker work. With the exception of Marco Basic, there is a distinct lack of defensively minded central players at GCZ. I therefore need someone willing to break up the play and offload it to Kim at the earliest opportunity. I have been pretty selective in my targets, looking for experience and determination:

Anthony Annan - a reliable 'water carrier'

Edinho - a resilient leader

Both players have some great stats, but it is undeniable that Edinho has some exceptional mental stats, which would be extremely useful for tutoring youngsters at GCZ. However, when using the comparison tool the players look very similar in the Ball Winning Midfielder role:

Edinho is by far a cheaper initial capital cost (estimated at £1-2k), whereas Annan will cost anywhere between £50-100k. Both look to have money-grabbing agents, so I may need to consider loaning Edinho (thus bypassing the agent fees) OR waiting for Annan's contract to expire at the end of 2015.

Either way, I am still in two minds as to whom will be GCZ's next midfield enforcer. For now, you will just have to wait and see what I decide to do. Note - I'll be playing from 0600 GMT on Friday 13th November (pretty much all of Friday) - I'll be tweeting updates throughout the week...where I hope to update you all on how pre-season is going! Thanks for reading.

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