Epilogue: "Heist" - Return to La Plata #FM18 #WeAreTheCommunity

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Ángel Bastardo trusted few men, but the four he had tasked to carry out one last job were part of this select group.  Mariano Andújar, Diego Polenta, Emanuel Reynoso & Fernando Zuqui were to hit La Plata’s Central Bank at midday.  The prize: $19.2m US dollars.

At the same time, Bastardo himself had made his way to his Estudiantes office...where it all started for him as a powdered dream.  The target was the cash reserves hidden away from the annual accounting.  He had paid La Plata’s best financial firm and lawyers handsomely for such a disguise, and in 8 years it had never been questioned by the three presidents that served Bastardo.  Verón, Del Bono & Fischer were none the wiser, Bastardo was sitting on a small fortune.

Combined with the bank job, and years of cocaine dealing, the monies would see Bastardo finally have his ‘out’ from La Plata.  He had plans, and they were global.

The silence in the office was suddenly halted when the phone rang.  The noise echoed around the post-modern style bureau.  Bastardo allowed the phone to ring twice, before calmly placing it to his ear.  His long Argentine jet-black hair combed tidily back, to avoid getting in the way.  It was Uruguayan bastard, Diego Polenta...”It’s done Boss, Montevideo still the meet?” he asked hurriedly.

“Sí” replied Bastardo, as he coolly hung up the phone.  He needed to be quick, so there was no time for small talk, but he took solace knowing that his boys had once again delivered and were safe.  The share for them was $2m each, but there was also an invitation to be part of the ‘next step’.  An opportunity of a lifetime.

The safe opened and the cash was there: $5m US dollars.  The shiny green Abraham Lincolns would never see America though. They were to be loaded on a private jet along with the bank heist money towards Montevideo, Uruguay.  From there, all members of the Bastardo Cartel would head to an unknown destination.

Nobody knew where they would ultimately end up, except Ángel Bastardo: Future War Lord and ex-Football Manager.

Bastardo's Calling Card(s) for President Fischer & La Platanese police.

Bastardo's Calling Card(s) for President Fischer & La Platanese police.


Do you like Ángel Bastardo?

I adore him.  I think he is flawed, with his fair share of demons during FM17 & FM18.  I’ve enjoyed writing a character that is neither good or bad, he is out in his own: Team Bastardo.  He’s bigger than Estudiantes de La Plata, Inter Milan and Argentina.

Is this the end of him?

I killed Ángel off in FM17 and vowed not do it this time round.  There will [possibly] be a follow up post, it remains to be seen as to whether it’s the end or the start of something else entirely.  Hopefully people will like his progression from Football Manager to something far greater.

Does true anti-fútbol exist in FM?

Definitely not.  It’s a real shame the game can’t replicate the “whatever it takes to win” South American mentality.  I get why, we’re enrolled into thinking like Europeans.  We believe the game should be played in a certain way and this translates into Football Manager.

How do you physically write your blogs?

I lost a lot of freedom to do what I wanted when my eldest was born in 2014.  It took a good year for my life to settle down after that shitstorm as my wife was also poorly.  So that’s when I took up blogging.  On a desktop first before going mobile with a laptop and also mobile app.  I now write what I can whenever/wherever I can: in the living room, on the train, in a park.  I love it.

Silence or music? If music, what kind?

Silence for sure.  I only ever start listening to music when I am proof reading or making short tweaks.  To truly get inside the tortured mind of Ángel Bastardo, you need silence.

Any clues about your next FM character?

I have a character in mind, and he’s not going to be a polar opposite to Bastardo. That would be too predictable and something I always try to avoid being with regards to myself and FM content.  The manger in mind is older and wiser than Bastardo, but just as cold, bitter and resentful.  He’s had to watch people in similar circumstances to him go on and achieve worldwide fame, whilst his life has been on hold.  FM19 sees him at last gain control over his destiny. It’s time for him to make a stand.

Until next time, thanks for reading/sharing/caring,

FM Grasshopper & Ángel Bastardo