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FC Lorient v Stade Brestois - LIVE Canal+

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By FM Grasshopper 🦗

17:00 16 March


That's the end of this live page, thanks for joining me this afternoon.

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James Reid - This is absolute pish. Achilles Goss is a shitbag.

João Penetra - I am fearing for Achilles Goss right now, he needs a lucky break.

16:50 16 March


FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois. Achilles Goss’ 1st Breton Derby defeat and a crucial win in Stade Brestois’ fight for survival. An end to an awful game of Football Manager.

90+3 min

FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois


90+3 min

FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

FC Lorient’s Gaëtan Courtet with the freekick…

84 min

FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

Massive chance for Facundo Colidio to become a hero. Jimmy Cabot plays the young Argentine in with a searching pass. Colidio is 1v1 against Brest’s Gautier Larsonneur in goal. He should place his shot (like his recently learnt Player Trait states)…but instead he chips!

He’s tried to chip a 181cm goalie from about 2m away! Achilles Goss is seen vomiting from the bench. He’s disgusted. So am I.

60 min

FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

Rain continues to pour down. This pretty much sums it up: “Brittany, is a mac and a sea”.

46 min


Second half is under way.

15:48 16 March


FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

What an awful game of football. Brest score from their 1st attack, Lorient in the meantime have taken some awful corners and generally looking lazy with the ball. Still raining.

43 min


We need Half-Time for things to cool down here. Haris Belkebla shoves Younousse Sankharé off the ball and the Lorient fans do not like it. It’s the 4th yellow card of the game.

40 min

FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

Achilles Goss is looking animated on the sidelines. He has been seen swearing at the crowd. All kinds of gestures being waved at both sets of fans from the 71 year old Lorient Head Coach.

38 min

GOAL - FC Lorient 0-1 Stade Brestois

Julien Faussurier who has been a little shit so far in this game capitalises on a defending masterclass of shitness. Matthieu Saunier jumping and missing the block…only to see his goalkeeper, Danijel Petkovic run out for it and miss the ball.

The ball falls to Faussurier who will never score an easier goal. It’s against the run of play, but Stade Brestois have the breakthrough.

32 min


Jimmy Cabot goes into the book after kicking out at Gaëtan Charbonnier. Both managers have words with their team captains. It’s still raining.

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Ted Redwood - 0-0, this would make a cracking YouTube Premiere.

Keysi Rensie - If the game continues like this, I am going to need more beer.

15 min


This time it’s Lorient’s turn to get a man yellow carded. Matthieu Saunier blocks an onrushing Julien Faussurier, who goes down like he has been shot. Should have been a yellow card for simulation. Stade Brestois shithousery in action.

10 min

FC Lorient 0-0 Stade Brestois

A few Lorient corners already as Cabot and Fonsinho cause trouble. Shame they cannot make a simple cross though.

1 min


34 seconds in and Julien Faussurier clatters into Vincent Le Goff. It’s a yellow right away for the Stade Brestois winger.

15:00 16 March


Stade Brestois get the game underway. Lots of empty seats as the rain lashes down on the pitch.

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Daniel Gear - I’m so excited for this one, I’ve got an erection.

Michael Pearson - Any merch going for this match?

14:45 16 March

Team News

FC Lorient: Petkovic (GK), Pereira, Sainati, Saunier, Le Goff, Sarr, Lemoine (c), Sankharé, Cabot, Fonsinho & Colidio.

Stade Brestois: Larsonneur (GK), Belaud (c), Castelletto, Weber, Bernard, Pi, Martin, Bekebla, Faussurier, Court & Charbonnier.

14:30 16 March

Lorient aiming for a 3rd straight Breton Derby win

After winning away at Brest 4-0 and beating higher league opposition Guingamp 1-0 at home earlier on this season, Achilles Goss must be feeling confident going into his 3rd Breton Derby. Team news to follow.


  • Stade Brestois claim vital 1-0 away in the Breton Derby.

  • Julien Faussurier capitalising on a 1st half goalkeeping error from Danijel Petkovic.

  • FC Lorient recording 17 fouls in a fiery debry.

  • Stade Brestos move up to 15th and FC Lorient remain in 4th in Ligue 2.

Match Stats

Attendance: 9,887


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