FM16: Grasshopper Club Zürich (GCZ)

All my blog posts are located at  But this page is a tidier collection of posts solely dedicated to my FM16 content from Zürich, Switzerland.  It's a mixture of ramblings, stories and tactical pieces during my play-through of a 1,026 hour save with Grasshopper Club Zürich (GCZ), Switzerland.  Loïc Swartzendruber, remember the name...


The Marco & Remo Diaries

These are posts dedicated to Marco Simon & Remo Mahrer, two Regens who joined GCZ in the 2015/16 Youth Intake.  Follow their incredible story below:

Part I

Part II - Invincible

Part III - Breakthrough

Part IV - Heartbreak

Part V - Icons

Part VI - Reunion

Part VII - Galácticos



Guides for Football Managers

Here are posts not necessarily dedicated to GCZ, they are transferable and can be considered for any FM save:

(1) Two footedness in FM - a double edged sword?

Why considering two footedness is important in FM16, just like in real life.

(2) Are prices in FM inflated? How can we deflate them?

Every year there is a debate about the inflated prices attached to players in each version of FM.  Here I discuss techniques to lower the prices.

(3) Investing in the right places: Manager attributes in FM

Here I argue the importance of thinking a bit deeper about setting the right manager attributes and how you ought to think about your new save prior to starting out. 

(4) Consider Natural Fitness in #FM16, before it's too late

A look into one of the most important (and I feel overlooked) attribute in FM games.

(5) "Hardwork beats talent": The hunt for Professionalism in #FM16

A look into Professionalism and why it's the essential Personality trait to install in Youth Development.

(6) Stop the passer

Using the Prozone feature in FM16, I pinpointed a team's strengths (in this case a good passer) and looked to nullify this strength. 

(7) Sack the Agent

Agents are bastards.  Get rid of them using this guide.

(8) Player Search: finding talent & value in FM

Finding players is easy.  Finding the right ones is a little harder.

(9) Hugging & Inverting: The Juxtaposition of Width

A tactical take on 'width' in FM.

(10) Regista: Directing the Flow

My look into the Regista role in FM16.