FM17: "Fame & Fibra", "A.Bastardo On Holiday" and "Inter is coming"

All my blog posts are located at  But this page is a tidier collection of posts solely dedicated to my FM17 content from La Plata, Argentina.  I managed Estudiantes de La Plata (EdlP) in the Argentine Primera División for 3 seasons: in a hotbed of emotions & excitement.  Could manager Ángel Bastardo find fame & fibra in La Plata?  Or would he fall short and end up in the everlasting abyss of Football Manager obscurity?  Find out below...

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"A.Bastardo On Holiday" series

Whilst in the usual context of football and FM, these adventures also mix football history & travel writing.  Join Ángel Bastardo and travel the FM world...

Chapter 1: "When Bastardo met Mendoza"

Chapter 2: "Osu"

Chapter 3: "The Slivovice Set Piece"

Inter is coming

The year is 2021, almost two years have passed and Ángel Bastardo is back in club management with Internazionale in Serie A.  You can take Bastardo out of La Plata, but can you take La Plata out of Bastardo?

Season 1

(1) "Signing Santiago"

(2) "Walking in a Candreva Wonderland"

Season 2

(3) "En unión y libertad"

(4) "The Battle of Old Trafford"

Season 3

(5) "The Engine Room"

(6) "Better than Mourinho?"

Season 4

(7) "Older legs, Wiser heads"

(8) "The Shadow Of Herrera"

Season 5

(9) "The Wall"

(10) "The ecstasy of Bastardo"


(11) "For La Plata"